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Call Center Solutions

A call center solution enables the company to handle customer interactions. Traditionally, call center customer service solutions have been equated with only voice interactions. But, as time progressed, the customers have moved on from only voice calls to other modes of communication. With call center solutions the agents can place outgoing calls, handle incoming calls, track key call center metrics, perform workforce management, and upload automated scripts.


The customers are no more dependent on just one channel to reach customer support. There are plenty of options available – live chat, social media, email among others. Having an omnichannel contact center software ensures customer satisfaction and improve the level of customer engagement.


Key Components of the Call Center Software


Equips you with features like Call Recording, IVR, Call Handling, Dashboards and Analytics, and more.

CRM Software

Lets you manage important tasks like Lead Generation, Sales & Support, and improves business efficiency.

API for Integration

Our software makes communication across your applications smoother and easier by integrating them.


Mobile Apps

Our apps increase productivity by keeping people updated with real-time information wherever they are.

  • Intelligent

  • IVR

  • Inbound / Outbound Calls

  • Intelligent Call

  • Routing Call

  • Blocking

  • Live Status

  • DND Support

  • Work From Home

  • Web to Lead

  • Lead Capture Monitor

  • Email / SMS to Ticket

  • Web click to Call

  • Missed Call Alerts

  • Work Flows Tasks

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