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Samvad: A Telecaller App

Empower your Telecallers with India’s most preferred Sim-Based Telecaller App

  • Autodialer for Calling

  • Unlimited Call Recording

  • Get Followup Reminders

  • Pre-built Reports for Analysis

  • Do Everything from Mobile App

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Get Started with Samvad Telecaller App in 3 Simple Steps.

Blurry Blue

Create, Import & Integrate

Create or Import Leads (Prospects) into the app. Integrate with Website, Facebook, IndiaMart, etc to bring Prospects into the App.

Start Calling from App

Call your leads (Prospects) with single tap. Update status and plan follow-ups on-the-go.

Blue Gradient

Track Progress

Monitor your team’s performance from dashboard & ready-made reports.


How Samvad Makes Your Telecaller's Life Easy

An App that enables your team to Connect More, Engage More & Convert More.

Samvad Telecaller App Use Cases

  • Find New Leads

  • Grow Your Sales

  • Stay Connected

  • Never Miss a Follow-up

  • Renewal Reminders

  • Product Launches

  • Market Research

  • Educational Outreach

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Educate Customers

  • Debt Collection

  • Gather Feedback

  • Announce Updates

  • Fundraising Campaigns

  • Training Session Updates

  • Event Invitations

  • Government Services


Telephony Solutions for Any Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Call Center / BPO

  • Travel

  • NBFC

  • Trading

  • Telecom

  • CRM for Government

  • IT Hardware

  • Channel Management

  • Software Companies

  • Service

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Tally Partners

  • Automobile Dealership

  • Healthcare

  • ITSM & Helpdesk

  • Pharma

  • Consulting

  • Hospitality

  • Banking

  • Stock Broker

  • Education

  • Collection Agency

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