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Invitational SMS

You can use this service for

  • Any happy or sad events

  • Religious Events

  • Opening  / Inauguration Events

  • Shifting Events

  • Functional Events

  • And for many other reasons


We Provide You

  • SMS in very nominal cost and very effectively.

  • Send Voice Calls to your invitees recorded in your voice or voice cell recorded in our professional's voice. You can give us Voice file and we can send Voice Call Invitation to all your invitees including DND numbers. Even, if you want we can record your voice invitation in professional male or female voice also, with Extra Charges.

  • In Invitation SMS you Can Send a link of your Audio or Video Invitation so all GPRS / Internet Enabled phone users can see and listen your invitation.

  • Even Invitation Cards also can be sent via SMS link.

  • You can send Frequent Reminder regarding your Invitation on your desired timing and we can automatically schedule your campaign on a given date and timing.

  • You can Send Invitation with peersonalized name, so your invitation will look more attractive.

  • We can send your SMS in Many local languages also like Gujarat. Hindi, Marathi, Marwadi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayam, etc. You just need to provide us the SMS Content in your Unicode (Local) language and Unicode SMS Invitation we will make it possible for you.

  • Send Invitational SMS with Mask Sender ID and also send SMS on DND numbers.

  • Flash SMS option is also available so your users and invitees need not go into inbox SMS to see the SMS. SMS will be flashed on their mobile screen.

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