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Marketing solutions

At Global Office Automation, we harness the power of WhatsApp to revolutionize customer communication. Our comprehensive solutions empower businesses to:


  • Connect Seamlessly

  • Enhance Customer Experience

  • Build Trust

Build customer relationships across every possible channel


Discover the power of WhatsApp Solution, designed specifically for business engagement. Our platform simplifies chatbot creation with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, enabling personalized communication at scale. Engage with your customers on the world’s most popular messaging app with advanced features for marketing, customer support, and transactional messaging.


Email Solution redefines email marketing with an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard that makes crafting beautiful, compelling emails effortless. Boost your marketing efforts with advanced analytics and automation tools that ensure your messages reach the right people at the right time, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.



Enhance your outreach with SMS Solution, enabling you to send targeted messages en masse. Our platform offers robust features that cater to a variety of marketing and communication needs, ensuring your messages are both timely and impactful. Ideal for alerts, promotions, and customer updates, our SMS solution connects you directly with your audience.

Marketing Solutions for Any Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Call Center / BPO

  • Travel

  • NBFC

  • Trading

  • Telecom

  • CRM for Government

  • IT Hardware

  • Channel Management

  • Software Companies

  • Service

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Tally Partners

  • Automobile Dealership

  • Healthcare

  • ITSM & Helpdesk

  • Pharma

  • Consulting

  • Hospitality

  • Banking

  • Stock Broker

  • Education

  • Collection Agency

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