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WhatsApp Solutions

Engage and delight your audience on the world’s most popular messaging platform with Alendei’s WhatsApp Solution.

Use Cases

Transform your approach to customer interaction with Alendei's powerful WhatsApp tools. From direct sales to personalized bulk messaging, our platform enables you to capitalize on WhatsApp's vast user base to grow your business efficiently and effectively.


Sell on WhatsApp

Utilize Alendei’s WhatsApp solution to facilitate smooth and secure sales transactions directly within WhatsApp. Our tools allow for showcasing products, processing payments, and managing orders all in one place, helping you turn conversations into conversions.

Personalized bulk messaging

Empower your marketing with Alendei’s feature to send bulk messages that feel personal. Tailor each message based on customer data, behavior, and preferences to enhance engagement rates and build stronger customer relationships.


Key Features

  • Chatbot Animation: Automate conversations and save time

  • Conversational AI: Intelligent, human-like interactions

  • Ecommerce: Sell products within WhatsApp

  • Payments: Secure transactions, in-chat payments

  • Marketing: Engage, promote, and convert

  • Ticketing: Streamline support, manage inquiries

  • Service Support: Assist customers, resolve issues

  • Carosel: Showcase products, interactive cards

  • Multimedia: Images, videos, audio support

  • Voice AI: Speech-to-text, voice commands

  • Attributes: Personalize chats, user data

  • Reporting: Analyze performance, gain insights

  • Security: Protect data, ensure privacy

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