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SMS Solutions

At Global Office Automation, we make it easy for businesses to send Bulk and Sector SMS messages. With services like Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, Invitational SMS, and Corporate Solutions, we offer businesses unmatched ease and reliability when it comes to SMS messaging.

SMS Solutions for Any Industry

1. Bulk SMS Services

Effortlessly reach a large audience with our Bulk SMS service. Whether it’s promotional campaigns, event notifications, or critical alerts, we’ve got you covered.

2. Sector-Specific SMS Solutions

We understand that different sectors have unique requirements. Our Sector-Specific SMS Solutions cater to industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and more. Tailor your messages to resonate with your audience.

3. Transactional SMS

For essential communications like order confirmations, OTPs, and account updates, rely on our Transactional SMS service. Trustworthy and timely, it ensures vital information reaches your recipients promptly.


4. Promotional SMS

Boost your marketing efforts with our Promotional SMS service. Engage customers, announce offers, and drive conversions effectively. Our platform ensures high delivery rates and compliance with regulations.


5. Invitational SMS

Inviting guests to events, webinars, or product launches? Our Invitational SMS service simplifies the process. Craft personalized invitations and track responses effortlessly.


6. Corporate SMS Solutions

For enterprises seeking robust communication tools, our Corporate SMS Solutions offer reliability, security, and scalability. Enhance internal communication, employee engagement, and customer interactions.

SMS Solutions for Any Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Call Center / BPO

  • Travel

  • NBFC

  • Trading

  • Telecom

  • CRM for Government

  • IT Hardware

  • Channel Management

  • Software Companies

  • Service

  • Distribution

  • Manufacturing

  • Tally Partners

  • Automobile Dealership

  • Healthcare

  • ITSM & Helpdesk

  • Pharma

  • Consulting

  • Hospitality

  • Banking

  • Stock Broker

  • Education

  • Collection Agency

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