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Corporate Solutions

To boost the sales, market reputation, the brand value of the corporate website, direct communication between the customer and service provider/producer is mandatory. Corporate messaging services by Bulk SMS Gateway let you convey urgent notices, important reminders, latest offers, new regulations or any such message to your clients without any delays.

You can send SMS of new products or service launches, Social awareness campaigns, latest offers, Diwali - Holi - birthday types of greetings, Event promotion, publicity SMS of your business and events to your clients, consumers or companies. You can give a boost to your sales through SMS activity on the targeted database or area. SMS marketing is a very good online marketing tool which we provide on a very competitive rate and this is very cost effective affordable tool for consumers!


Full Featured Corporate SMS Solutions

In any business, it is required to send a short, information-rich and accurate message to multiple mobile devices of your own employees, clients, end customers and partners. Finding a secure way with the lowest prices becomes urgent in such a scenario. Special services of Bulk SMS Gateway can help you efficiently. With our fully-fledged Bulk SMS solution range, a corporate SMS facility is also available to take advantage of. Features are :

Our SMS Gateway API can be easily integrated with your enterprise application or software.

​Distribution List Maintenance
Importing contacts, and maintaining the list with our interface is very easy. The corporate messages can be sent to any of the maintained lists to save time and effort.

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