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Conferencing Solutions

You Don't Need To Call The System. The System Calls You.

No more remembering the bridge number and pin. Just pick up the call, and you are in the conference Call. Multiparty Audio Telephonic Conference Call App by Enjay Synapse.

How to Start a Conference Call

We have reversed the entire process of the Conference Call. Just configure the outbound Conference call on Enjay Synapse, add attendees (Numbers), schedule it, and monitor it in real time if required.

Example Usage of Outbound Conference Call

Sales Meeting

Weekly or Monthly Sales Review Meetings with remote teams overcall.


Managing Trustees, committee members weekly / monthly meetings over the call.

In India, Conference Call through the telephone is always preferred. The biggest advantages are time-saving and recording availability. No need to call and request/remind everybody to join the meeting, Since the System calls them.

Repetitive Meetings

Scheduled Outbound conference call for once or for repetitive occurrence also.​

Board Meeting

Periodic Board meeting of Directors or Senior Managers over the call.

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