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Best IP PBX System with powerful and customizable IP PBX Software for your organization

IP PBX System with IVRS, Call Recording, Auto Calling, CTI and
Auto Call Distribution.

  • IP PBX or IPBX is one thing you will need in this converged world. Traditional phone systems or traditional PBX phone systems offer you basic telephony like making phone calls, whereas IP PBX supports IVR, Call recording,


  • IP PBX supports all kinds of telephone lines, like PRI lines, SIP Trunk, PSTN ( regular PSTN lines ), GSM ( Mobile SIM Cards ). IP PBX can be used as a VoIP PBX since it supports all types of VoIP gateways.


  • The biggest difference between traditional EPABX and IP PBX is that the traditional EPABX is 95% Hardware and 5% firmware, whereas IP PBX is 20% Hardware and 80% PBX software. This is the reason IP PBX systems are much more flexible and versatile as compared to traditional EPABX Systems.


IP PBX Add On's

Voice Broadcast

Also known as outbound IVR, where you upload a list of numbers and a sound file to be played. The system automatically dials everybody and plays that file. You may also ask for user inputs.

Outward Conference

We just reversed Traditional Teleconference. Now System calls participants, you pick up and you join the conference. No remembering number or PIN.

Predictive Dialing

One of the most flexible and comprehensive predictive dialing solutions available in the market. Support Complex Call logic based on CRM data and Call events in real-time.


API for Integration

No IP PBX can survive in isolation. API helps you to integrate it with any software platform. Comes with complete documentation, support and sample codes.

  • API Integration

  • Music on Hold

  • Outward Conference

  • GSM / Analog Lines Support

  • Inward / Outward No Blocking

  • Auto Call Distribution ( ACD )

  • Centralized Call Recording

  • Intelligent IVR

  • Integrated CRM

  • Contact Center Solutions

  • Voice Mail

  • Missed Call Alerts

  • Browser Based Management

  • Data Import / Export

  • Ring Groups / Call Queue

  • Softphone Support

  • Inbound / Outbound Calls

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Call Summary

  • Auto / manual Dial

  • Drill Down Reports

  • Voice Transcript Popup

  • DND Support

  • Work from Home

  • Live Call Monitoring

  • Spy / Barge / Whisper

  • Softphone ( SIP ) Support

  • Live Status

  • Scalable Architecture

  • Web click to Call

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